Glory watch evaluation: get rid of the “bulky” shackles, light and long life

With the gradual cooling of the smart wearable device, there are only a handful of smart wearable device manufacturers that can continue to shine in the market, and mobile phone manufacturers rely on their technological reserves in the field of high-tech consumer products. Take the market share of most domestic wearable devices.

At present, the mainstream wearable devices on the market are smart bracelets and smart watches. As a smart bracelet user, I admit that I prefer to wear smart bracelets every day, but in the face of today’s increasingly rich smart watches, I I can’t wait to replace the smart bracelet on my hand with the latest glory watch HONOR Watch.

A smart watch that gets rid of the “cuddly” shackles

Compared with the lightweight smart bracelet, although the rich features and performance of the smart watch can easily crush the former, it is precisely because of the need to achieve all-round effect, it is difficult to control the volume and weight by integrating various electronic components. More perfect. This is one of the important reasons for obstructing the replacement of my smart bracelet on my hand with a smart watch.

For smart devices that we need to wear on our hands for a long time, the thickness of the smart watch and the weight of the body should not be underestimated. These two factors directly relate to the wearing comfort of the watch itself.

After reading the above text, I believe that the big guys can probably guess that this protagonist product glory watch is a smart watch with a thin design. I don’t sell it, just share the parameters of the glory watch with you. . 42.8mm long x 42.8mm wide x 9.8mm high, don’t underestimate the thickness of the 9.8mm body of the glory watch. At present, the thickness of our common smart watches is basically above 10mm, and the glory of the watch is also controlled at about 32.5. Gram (not including wristbands).

Compared with traditional watches, if a smart watch is too thick, then it is not a step backwards. The sleek performance of this glory watch can be said to be a positive improvement, but I believe that the smart road of smart watches is still very long, I hope that in the future, smart watches will keep the functions increasingly rich while also taking care of the thin and light performance.

At present, the glory watches are available in two versions: lava black version (lava black red silicone strap) and moonlight silver version (gravel brown leather strap).

Tide and no tide, consumers have their own

Glory has always positioned its products as a technological trend for young people. This glory watch is no exception. They all say that “the young people have the future”, in fact, this is indeed quite reasonable, but the tide and the tide are not counted by the young people.

Referring to the design, let me briefly describe some of the small details of the glory of the watch. First of all, the black + red color matching is a matching color. It is a common match among many electronic products that are mainly used by young consumers. It has also appeared in traditional electronic watches. The use of such color matching on smart watches is still relatively rare. In my subjective aesthetic of a 90-year-old uncle, the cool and low-key black main color, coupled with the small red accent of the crown, the color of the whole product gives me the feeling of “tidal taste” I don’t know how to look after 00.

In addition to the color of the fuselage, in addition to the 1.2-inch glass on the front side, the surface of the glory watch is 316L cold-forged stainless steel, and the precision details such as steps, C-angles and button grooves are realized by CNC machine. . The glory watch’s entire product uses a matte spray paint, and then with a high-strength nylon + fiber plastic back shell, so wearing in the winter can also reduce the discomfort caused by the watch material too cold, of course, summer is not more worried It is stuffy, because the designers who are glorified in the choice of materials also fully consider this point.

In order to reduce the sultry discomfort caused by the traditional leather strap, this time, the glory watch’s strap is made of a silicone strap that combines flexibility and comfort. In addition to the novel visual experience, the black and red double-layer color overlay provides a decorative and non-slip effect on the outer surface of the surface, while the smooth surface on the back reduces the discomfort caused by sweating. The softer and smoother features radically enhance the comfort of the strap.

It is no exaggeration to say that both the Glory Watch and the Apple Watch Series 4 are smart watches that I have worn more comfortable, and the Glory Watch is better in thickness and weight, only the back cover of the heart rate sensor area on the back. Not as natural as the latter. The glory watch is equipped with a 1.2-inch AMOLED color round screen with a screen resolution of 390×390, equipped with support for sliding and clicking.

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