Amazfit smart watch with 4GB of built-in memory to support third-party application development

With the prevalence of simple lifestyle, in recent years, smart watches have become a fashion item that users love, and the function is now more and more powerful. The small dial accommodates many functions, and each manufacturer will also All aspects are extremely elaborate, but due to cost and technical limitations, users’ demand for smart watch memory has always been a headache for manufacturers. However, this issue has been solved very well by Huami Technology. Program.

It is understood that the Amazfit smart watch has 512MB+4GB large memory built in. Under the blessing of Xiaoai, it has realized application extensions such as installable applications and Bluetooth listening songs, compared with those of functional watches with only 16MB. Not only does it have a lot of memory space, but it also shows all the qualities that a true smart watch should have. It is a perfect product at the moment.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that almost all smart watches currently on the market use a monolithic structure or a dual monolithic structure, which is not only impossible to expand and install third-party applications, but also essentially a single-function sports watch. Playing music, does not support calling, the function is very limited, which brings a lot of inconvenience to the user experience. We usually go out to buy things in a short time, and still have to carry a mobile phone to keep in touch with family and friends. Compared to the Huami Technology Amazfit smart watch, it is more like an accessory, and the function is not ideal.

In contrast, Huami Technology Amazfit smart watch, it is simply a full-featured player, small love classmates + up to 4GB memory configuration, completely make the smart watch into a reduced version of the phone, very powerful. In addition, in terms of design, Huami Technology Amazfit smart watch also gives a high-quality texture, the overall appearance is very atmospheric, and the handling of the details of the dial is extremely fine, and Hollywood’s top film design studio also participated in the dial. In the design, its advanced design concept makes the machine have the fashion trend elements, but also take into account the beauty of technology.

In addition, in terms of function, Huami Technology Amazfit smart watch also supports Baicheng bus card, we can easily solve the travel problem without mobile phone, without wallet, and the characteristics of its 100 city can also help us get rid of The restrictions on our lives in our region make our lives very smart and convenient.

In terms of battery life, the Amazfit smart watch can last up to 5 days in normal use, built-in small love classmates, can also be connected with the Mijia ecological chain, and in order to bring more comfort to users. The visual experience, Huami Technology Amazfit smart watch also uses Corning Gorilla Glass 3, which makes the visual appearance of the picture better. What is more rare is that the machine also solves the limitations of the watch memory and supports Sogou map, Himalayan Such as third-party application extensions, bringing users more convenient life experience, very innovative.

It can be seen that Huami Technology, as the ace brand in the field of smart wear, has released the Amazfit smart watch far beyond the design of other friends in the market. Even the newly released new machines have not solved the user’s concern. Watch memory and third-party application expansion issues, and the price of this smart watch is also very kind, friends who want to start smart watches, may wish to pay more attention.

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