Michael Kors’s smart smart watch lacks endurance, you know?

Wearable manufacturers have come to understand that fashion and smart technology can be part of the same product or, more precisely, the same device. So Fossil Group decided to re-engage with designer Michael Kors to develop a new Access series of smart watches: but can technology and fashion inject vitality into elaborate products?

Michael Kors is elegant and stylish in the style of Michael Kors. It is made of stainless steel, takes the designer’s analog clock design line and integrates intelligent functions. This is a smart watch designed for women’s wrists, but Andy found it to be a bit cumbersome even on a slender wrist, but the more compact design will undoubtedly increase the comfort of everyday life. . The case size is 41 mm, but Michael Kors Access still gives the impression of an elegant analog clock.

But when Andy picked up the watch, there was one thing that bothered Andy: it might be light, but the Michael Kors watch looked cheaper than it actually, but the wrist itself felt good. This watch has a replaceable strap (brushed and polished).

There are three buttons on the right side of the circular display. The middle of the engraved designer initials can be rotated to navigate through the system. At the bottom of the smart watch are the grooves of the heart rate monitor and the charging station pins.


AMOLED display

Michael Kors Access’s AMOLED display measures 1.19 inches and dissolves at 390 x 390 pixels. Due to the bright colors and dark black, the display is not only good looking. It can also be easily read in direct sunlight, and the brightness can be adjusted manually by setting.

Pre-installed on the watch is Michael Kors’s clothing line style, in line with people who like noble taste. They can be adjusted as needed, and even Facebook and Instagram images can be set as backgrounds. Upon request, Alway On Display will permanently display the time, but this will shorten the battery life of the watch, which is already a common problem of fashion smart watches.

Wear OS with all its features and problems

Since the operating system runs on Michael Kors clock Google’s smart watch operating system Wear OS 2.0, it offers the same features as other Wear OS watches. With the exception of Watch Faces in the Michael Kors app, there aren’t many adjustments to the software.

It’s very smooth by sliding the display or turning the crown to complete the menu navigation. However, Andy does often encounter crashes during the testing process. Through the Settings menu, you can customize Wear OS to a variety of features, including notifications, ringtones, and DND modes, with a swipe and easy click.

With adjustments, you can activate the Google Assistant, which can then be launched with the classic voice command Ok Google or swipe left to right. It’s very convenient and intuitive to watch the operating system with new gestures. Swipe from right to left or press the bottom button to enter Google Fit, where you can start exercising and view your fitness history and get aerobics points. The watch is water resistant to 30 meters.

In Andy’s view, the detection of heartbeat is very accurate, comparable to Andy’s smartphone. With GPS, you can also track the distance here. However, the function of this sport seems to contradict the “fashion soul” of noble smart watches. Personally, Xiao Bian likes to wear a narrow fitness tracker while exercising.

Battery Life

The Michael Kors Access Runway is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 with 4 GB of internal memory and 512 MB of RAM. The Energizer is a large battery of 300 mAh. Using the newer Snapdragon Wear 3100 may improve performance, but in general smart watches run smoothly.

The bigger problem is the battery, which makes Andy disappointed again and again. Didn’t charge the smart watch for one night? This means you must carry the charger at all times.

In the small series of tests, Andy never managed to get more than one day of battery life. Especially if you receive a lot of news through WhatsApp and you want to use your watch for sports and activate GPS, you must always pay attention to the battery level indicator. The Samsung Galaxy watch and the Gear S3 do a better job in this regard. After all, smart watches are fully charged in an hour.

For now, the Michael Kors Access Runway is a beautiful and feature-rich smart watch. It is convincing with an elegant design and offers important functions such as heart rate measurement, NFC and GPS, which are not found in every noble smart watch. If you plan to use your watch for sports and other sports activities, Andy recommends that you replace it with a silicone strap. This is definitely better than a metal bracelet. The functions of fitness enthusiasts are there, but this may not be important for watching buyers. Because it is aimed at fashion lovers rather than athletes.


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