Skagen Jorn Hybrid, is it still important to be a smart watch?

Is the smart watch still important? Is there a space for hybrid smart watches in the extremely crowded wearable market? Andy will try to answer this question in Andy’s evaluation of the Skagen Jorn Hybrid smart watch.


The hybrid category of smart watches is nothing new, but it has been making more waves recently. While companies like Fossil and all of its properties under umbrella have begun to make Android Wear versions of their existing watch line, the trend of analog watches is growing, with only notifications, vibration feedback and fitness tracking. Features. Skagen Jorn is one of them.

This smart watch features a slim, stylish body with a light leather strap for a modern look. Feel free to wear any regular clothes, but just want to put on buttons or even suits. Part of the reason for this style is that this hybrid smart watch has a simple analog surface and does not respond to too much information. Of course, it is not a touch screen.

This makes Andy think of smart watches for the first time. Remember LG G Watch’s first Android Wear watch? While Samsung Gear Live is trying to add some style to Wear 1.0, LG G Watch may be the best precursor to a smart watch in essence: another screen, only on one’s wrist. The result is a complete touch-screen experience that turns from a smartphone to a wearable device, with all the imaginative possibilities and all potential pitfalls.


In fact, smart watches offer another screen to attract the attention of Andy. Think about what the watch was going to do, tell the little time, and how much energy and time it takes. Over time, smart watches have become bigger, thicker, and can be said to be better; unfortunately, this allows people to read the entire message or notice little by little, swipe or dial. In any case, this seems to be the same time it takes to watch the phone.

Therefore, when one of the three buttons on the side is pressed, Skagen Jorn will tell the time, and then some other information. Yes, it’s a bit like Pebble that Andy likes and is unfortunately put on hold, but at least these buttons can be programmed for many different functions. The list is a bit broad: music and volume control, releasing the camera shutter button via Bluetooth, telling the date, showing the secondary time zone, and displaying the number of steps.

Things get interesting when different information is displayed. At the top left of the watch is an area showing 0-100, which is the percentage of daily step targets. This can also be programmed in the Skagen Connected app, when the buttons are pressed, the two watch arms converge and then move to the actual percentage of the day. As for the actual number of steps, Jorn is a bit too free, but still can get the job done.

This arm movement is very cool and doesn’t get old, it’s definitely an appealing aspect of Jorn, it takes a simulated timepiece and makes it do more. After all, not all the different spy watches James Bond are wearing fancy timepieces with hidden features? Consider this cool factor compared to watches that are basically all screens and all apps.

Other features include pointing to different dates around 1 to 31 of the watch and then indicating the notification. Notifications should be the key to a smartwatch experience, but unfortunately this is a shortcoming of SkagenJorn. Much like other hybrid smart watches, notifications are programmed into a part of the watch in the companion app, in which case it is one of four different colors on the left side of the dial. When the programming notification on the phone enters, the watch vibrates and the two arms point to the corresponding color. Users need a little bit of memory, but it doesn’t take long to get used to.

The main problem with this notification method is weak vibration feedback. Because Jorn is a thin watch, the vibration motor is smaller and therefore not very powerful. It seems that Skagen knows this is the case, because they are even too lazy to set the alarm function on Jorn. Therefore, alerts and notifications are basically useless here.

But considering this and after a few days with Jorn, Andy realized something: Andy won’t miss a notice on the wrist of Andy at any time. Andy has drowned so much information in the connected world, and Andy often watches the phone in front of the computer or often, so Andy will not miss email or email.


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