Smart watch glory watch that can take you up the mountain and the sea

In the past five years, the development of the domestic mobile phone market is too fast, and it has long been a red sea, especially a low-priced entry-level machine. Then there are manufacturers who have turned their attention to the fields of smart wearable peripherals such as smart bracelets, smart watches and earphones. In the national situation where smart wear begins to gradually rise, there is a chance to seize this area earlier. More cakes in this market. The protagonist of our evaluation today is this glory watch with a price of $188.

Appearance: Cognition in line with the traditional watch form

The accessories of the whole watch are very brief, the watch body, the magnetic charging base, the Type-C charging line, the manual and the running manual. The body of the watch is a traditional round case design, including the buckle of the strap is familiar to us. When the watch is not bright, it can be said that the shape is very similar to the perception of the traditional watch.

The case is a CNC-cut stainless steel case that is stronger and more wear-resistant than the aluminum alloy. The bottom case is a high-strength nylon + fiber-textured bottom case. The watch comes in two versions, a casual business-oriented leather. The moonlight silver version of the strap, a lava black version of the silicone strap that I got.

The thickness of the case is 9.8mm, which is very thin overall. It does not feel uncomfortable with the silicone strap for long-term use. The digital scale on the watch case and the fiber texture of the bottom case and strap, together with the red and black color of the strap and the red accents on the buttons, are very sporty. The screen is a 1.2-inch OLED touch screen, the dial size is about 42mm, 390 * 390 resolution, PPI reaches 326, is a retina-level screen, the display is still delicate.

Endurance: Typical usage scenarios can reach one week

Before testing a lot of sports functions, let me talk about battery life. This is a relatively common injury to smart watches. The glory watch adopts a two-chip architecture + intelligent power-saving algorithm, which can actively recognize the “dynamic scene” and “static scene” to let the watch enter the normal mode and the low power mode respectively.

The official publicity data is shown in the table. The most used scenes should be the typical usage scene. The function of the opening is open. In our actual test, I am wearing it 24 hours including sleeping, heart rate monitoring and The information notification is turned on all day, the sleep monitoring is automatically turned on at night, this score is roughly consistent, and the charging time is about 2 hours, which is a relatively fast result, basically two hours on weekend night, the whole working day is not used. Worried about charging problems.

High accuracy of real-time heart rate monitoring in nine sports modes

The human-computer interaction of the watch is very easy to use. Long-pressing the dial is to switch the dial style. The top slide is Do not disturb, find the phone, lock screen and settings. The slide is the information notification, including the notification of the phone, SMS and WeChat, left slide And right-slip is a real-time heart rate curve, stress index, weather, Alipay and daily activity monitoring. In the upper right corner, you can see all the application functions, including exercise record, breathing training, barometer, compass, bus card, stopwatch, timer, alarm clock, etc. 19 functions can be said to be very comprehensive, the lower right button is each The sport mode, the touch screen is also relatively smooth.

Next, we will introduce the most important functions of a smart watch. The sports modes include outdoor walking/running/riding, indoor running/cycling, mountain climbing, swimming pool, open water and free training. 9 sports modes can be measured. It is also quite diverse, and we use the outdoor walking and riding as an example to test.

In our exercise record, you can see the total distance, exercise time, calories burned, speed, pace, climb height, heart rate / stride / pace / altitude curve, and we can also see the corresponding on the phone’s APP Details. The glory watch adopts the GPS+Beidou+GLONASS triple positioning system on the hardware. It is very accurate in our actual measurement, and there is basically no phenomenon of positioning drift. In addition to the detailed sports data, the watch and the APP do a good job. In addition to the detailed sports data, it also makes a very beautiful and intuitive visual chart, at which point in time the heart rate rises, where the step frequency accelerates, and in which segment climbs and falls. They all show very clearly.


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