Deciding on the reasons why you choose a smart watch, which one do you choose?

With the development of technology, traditional watches can no longer meet the needs of people. Therefore, various smart bracelets and smart watches have appeared. Their functions are designed to be very powerful, the amount of exercise per day, the number of steps and your heart rate sleep quality sleep time can be recorded. But there is a very important problem that is that they have more functions but the life time is not very good.

Nowadays, there are many kinds of watches and bracelets, and there are also various styles. So, what do we usually choose to choose?

  1. Face value

Many smart watch dials are equipped with a display, such as the iwatch Apple Watch, which looks like a traditional watch. In fact, as long as our mobile phone downloads a corresponding app, it can connect to us via software Bluetooth. The phone, thus enabling intelligent operation. For each of us, we have our own standards. The benevolent sees the wise and the wise, and the one who is in the best is the best.

  1. Function

Speaking of features, it depends on what you want to buy a smart watch? Want to buy this watch for what purpose? Want to buy a sports-oriented, or health-oriented? This directly affects your choice. In addition to general-purpose functions (step, sleep, etc.), each type has its own highlights.

Type of exercise: These types of watches basically have a very high-quality GPS positioning function, which allows you to get rid of the shackles of the mobile phone while exercising, and also know your position and movement trajectory accurately. Such smart watches often have functions such as long battery life and compass. In addition to running, the cycling function also has a more professional sports mode.

Health Type: These watches have health management functions. In addition to the heart rate function of a typical smart watch, they can also detect other indicators of the body, such as blood pressure, blood oxygen and so on. In fact, some ordinary smart watches also have these functions, but it is just an additional function, not very professional, if you want to buy a smart watch based on health, you still need to choose a more professional type of smart watch.

  1. Look at the phone

There is also a way to choose, that is to see what brand of mobile phone you are using. There are many brands of watches that are suitable for this brand of mobile phones. There will be an extra function, such as Xiaomi mobile phone with Xiaomi bracelet, there will be a function that only adapts to Xiaomi mobile phone. For example, Huawei watches also have some small functions. Adapting to the Huawei mobile phone series, not to mention iwatch, it is only suitable for Apple mobile phones, and it is highly targeted. So, when you choose, you must consider whether you pay attention to the function of these adaptations.

  1. Other factors

Nowadays, the era is becoming more and more technological, and you can use a smart bracelet or a smart watch instead of paying by bus. The premise is that your smart device has NFC function. It can also act as Alipay’s payment function, which can be said to be very convenient!


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