NOERDEN LIFE2 smart watch – the art of square inch, the technology of square inch

Nowadays, smart wearable devices have already penetrated into the lives of many people. Various smart bracelets and smart watches that detect heart rate and record movements are emerging one after another. However, manufacturers who enter the technology from the technology often have more than enough technology, but they are not well designed. On the contrary, some design-driven manufacturers, after grafting high-tech, are more likely to be intoxicated.

Today we will introduce a smart watch from France – NOERDEN LIFE2. Let’s take a look at the unique charm of this smart watch that is known as “playing great, knocking out the color”!

Art of square inch

Speaking of NOERDEN 牛丁, the recent trend is strong. In April of this year, NOERDEN’s products won the Italian A’Design Award and recently won the US “IDEA Design Award”. It can be seen that the design of this company is still very popular.

Closer to home, this product is a drawer-style box, the outer cover of the “vest” writes the product information, the inside of the carmine is embedded in the “inner heart”, inexplicable heart, there is wood? After all, the young people nowadays are mostly in the expression of turmoil, hiding the heart of “commotion”!

Take out the inside of the object, take out the watch that is like a precious necklace, then use the instructions, open the cover tool and a thick multi-language manual!

At first glance, the watch was attracted by the white dividing line in the middle of the goods. Imagine that if you add a thin line in the cramped space, the beauty will immediately come out. The mirror is a hyperboloid design that is scratch-resistant and also expands the viewing area. The strap is a unique silicone that is soft and soft to wear and comfortable to wear.

Compared to the previous generation, its original bottom hole is an ultraviolet detection hole, and LIFE2 removes the bottom UV detection hole. This minimalist style is worthy of recognition. The watch in hand is black, the pointer is white, and the watch movement is still used in the Swiss movement, precision and quality do not have to worry about it.

If you don’t like only the dull black, the merchant also comes with two straps, one is light blue, one beige, and immediately becomes energetic after being replaced. The mechanical hands with the colorful straps, the feeling is to swim in the middle of the retro and trendy, want to be deep and deep, want to be lively and lively. Although art is not well defined, it feels comfortable, perhaps for our consumers, this is art!

Technology between squares

As a smart watch, it must be equipped with a certain technology to reflect intelligence.

After the Bluetooth connection, the hidden light that is not visible on the forehead even on the dial will light yellow-green light. When you send a text message, the watch vibrates once and the yellow-green light flashes. When you come to the phone, the watch vibrates once and the red light flashes. To reject it, just click the watch button. Simple and easy to use, you will not miss important content, and will not be vibrating all the time. The key is really cool. It is just like using a massage. It is really comfortable!


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