What is the significance of the existence of sports smart watches? Glory Watch Magic gave these answers

Sports smart watches have also been out for many years, but it has not become just as much a need for people as smart phones. Many people don’t know what to buy for them to do. Even if they have already purchased, they will soon eat. gray”. This has largely dispelled the enthusiasm for the purchase of sports smart watches, so that such products have doubts about the existence of meaning. In fact, every sports smart watch is a manufacturer’s answer to this question. The glory of Watch Magic that I wear on my hand is one of them:

Answer 1: Sports smart watches, first of all watches

Although the glory of Watch Magic has many functions, its most basic attribute is the watch. It is a stylish and slightly business-like watch that can be used as an accessory item to provide some embellishments outside of your wear. The dial has a screen size of 1.2 inches and a thickness of 9.8 mm, and the weight without the strap is 32.5 g. This type of watch does not show much burden on the hand for a long time. For those who wear long sleeves in winter, the card cuffs will not be uncomfortable.


Answer 2: How is the word “smart” reflected?

Not to mention the auxiliary motion function, the glory Watch Magic also contains some other “smart” functions. During the majority of the month, I found these items:

1, sedentary reminder function. When the watch’s sensor detects that you have been sitting for an hour without getting up and relaxing, the watch will automatically vibrate and remind you to stretch and stretch. This is a very urgent function for people who often work in immersive applications for a long time to prevent cervical spondylosis.


  1. Linked with the alarm clock of the mobile phone. I set the alarm clock at the same time on the glory Watch Magic and on the mobile phone. I still haven’t figured out why the alarm clock of Watch Magic will be turned off in the morning to turn off the alarm clock on the mobile phone far away. You can also try it. This is a very intimate little function. Sometimes you don’t want to get out of bed and you don’t have to leave the quilt to turn off the alarm clock.


  1. Other “unintelligent” intelligent functions. For example, get a “small Alipay” in the watch can first fill the money, when you buy things, brush the barcode on the watch; weather display; “flashlight” function; find the phone function; receive the phone notification function; NFC brush bus card.


Answer three: exercise assist

Sports smart watches finally say “sports”, and there are several kinds of sports assisting functions in Watch Magic: outdoor running, indoor running, outdoor walking, mountain climbing, outdoor riding, indoor cycling, swimming pool, open water swimming and freedom. Training, etc. However, the author is a person who does not love sports very much. From the beginning of the use of this half a month, there is no good experience to experience one by one. The most used is the outdoor running function:

It not only includes testing your heart rate, trajectory, steps/distance during running, but also integrates some running tutorials on the watch, such as: run away combined with primary, easy fat burning, MIIT fat burning, MAF180 primary Etc. (More tutorials can be pushed from the Sports Health app to the watch). For the author’s sports white that is eager to burn fat, this function will reduce the threshold of movement and improve the efficiency of exercise.

In addition, it is mountaineering, but it has been seen in the classification of mountaineering: compass, altitude display, heart rate monitoring, speed calculation, distance monitoring and other combined functions. The most concerned about is to see the heart rate monitoring, go to the uncomfortable self.


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